Are you interested in eHealth? Come join our free eHealth conference the 7th of March and meet peers from Groningen!

eHealth research requires clinical, behavioural, organisational, technical, legal and operational knowledge. It is a very complex and multidisciplinary field. Currently most eHealth researchers are not familiar with their peers from other faculties. To profit from the knowledge and skills of all faculties, a network of eHealth experts within the University of Groningen is necessary to improve the quality of eHealth research.

We are therefore organising a multidisciplinary conference on eHealth in Groningen! Meet your colleagues and form new collaborations!



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Thursday, March 7th 2024, House of Connections, located at Grote Markt 21, 9712 HR Groningen


Registration and coffee: 09:00 – 09:30


Plenary Session 

09:30-09:40 Welcome by the Chairs of the Day: Ming Cao and Brigitte Toebes 

09:40-10:00 Presentation on Digital Health by Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort (board UMCG)

10:00-10-15 Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Digital Health by Esther Metting

10:15-10:20 Explanation Breakout Sessions by the Chairs of the Day


Breakout Session part 1: 10:30-12:30 

Breakout 1: Rol van Technologie bij Toegankelijke Zorg (Dutch) – chaired by Jasperina Brouwer

  • Jasperina Brouwer – Behoud van Zorgprofessionals ondanks/dankzij Digitale Zorg
  • Marcel Broersma – Digitale Inclusie in de Zorg
  • Nienke Renting – IT-identiteit en Telemonitoring

Breakout 2: Law, Policy and Politics of AI in Healthcare – chaired by Jonida Milaj-Weishaar

  • Ritumbra Manuvie – Political Determinants of Public Policy on Medical AI
  • Jeanne Mifsud Bonnici and Balazs Markos – Fundamental Rights Impact Assessment under AI act

Breakout 3: Developing VR/Robotics/Sensoring/Digital Twins – chaired by Claudine Lamoth

  • Cristobal Bertoglio – Cardiovascular Digital Twinning: merging clinical data into mechanistic mathematical models
  • Lise Beumeler – Designing for Health Recovery: how to develop the right product, in the right way
  • Christian Kehl – Immersive Visual Computing in Medicine


Lunch break with interactive activities 12:30-13:30 


Breakout Session part 2: 13:30-15:30 

Breakout 4: Accessibility/Usability of eHealth – chaired by Esther Metting

  • Cigdem Bozdag – Digital Inequalities and eHealth: case-study about socio-culturally disadvantaged young people in Germany
  • Elena Agachi – Preventive Health Program Adoption, Engagement and Effectiveness

Breakout 5: Implementation and Change Management – chaired by Albert Boonstra

  • Rix Groeneboom – OpenEHR, an Open Platform for Patient-centered Health Data
  • Marjolein van Offenbeek – Workarounds in Electronic Health Record Systems: a multiple case study of workarounds aggravating misfits
  • Anne Loohuis – Creating Impact through Implementation: URinControl-app treatment for female urinary incontinence

Breakout 6: Behavioral Change – chaired by Wieke Bouwes and Vasco Ribeiro Ferreira

  • Arie Dijkstra – Expectations and Rationale of BCTs and a smartphone app
  • Ivo Bril – Adaptation and Implementation on-the-go: employing co-creation in designing a reflection- and journaling app for student nurses
  • Anne Looijmans – The Development of MantelzorgBalans: a digital tool to support informal caregivers who provide palliative care to a loved-one


Plenary Session 

15:45-16:15 Plenary Discussion on eHealth Collaboration in Groningen 

16:15-16:35 Musical Summary of the Day

16:35-16:40 Closure by Chairs of the Day


Drinks and Networking: 16:40-17:30


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