Are you interested in eHealth? Come join our interdisciplinary eHealth meetings and meet peers from Groningen!

eHealth research requires clinical, behavioural, organisational, technical, legal and operational knowledge. It is a very complex and multidisciplinary field. Currently most eHealth researchers are not familiar with their peers from other faculties. To profit from the knowledge and skills of all faculties, a network of eHealth experts within the University of Groningen is necessary to improve the quality of eHealth research.

We are therefore organising a serie of interdisciplinary eHealth network meetings! Meet your colleagues and form new collaborations!


Subscription and information:

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25th of April, 2 – 5 pm, Faculty of Science and Engineering

14:00 hr: introduction

14:05 hr: Prof. dr. Cristobal Bertoglio, professor of cardiovascular mathematics & computing

14:35 hr: dr. Renate Kat about the Behapp smartphone application

15:05 hr: break

15:25 hr: dr. Rix Groenboom, Lector new business and ICT

15:55 hr: closing

16:00 hr: networking drinks until 17:00 hr


Other dates and faculties will be announced soon! The sessions are sponsored by Data Science Center in Health, Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, Jantina Tammes School of digital society and the Young Academy Groningen.


Past meetings:

21st of March, 2 – 5 pm, faculty of economics and business

14:00 hr: introduction by dr. Oskar Roemeling

14:10 hr: Prof. dr. Jenny van Doorn – “Caring or creepy? Social robots in healthcare”

14:40 hr: dr. Eveline Hage

15:10 hr: break

15:40 hr: dr. Marjolein van Offenbeek – “Research on eHealth implementation and adoption”

16.00 hr: closing by dr. Oskar Roemeling

16:05 hr: networking drinks until 17:00 hr


22nd of February, 2 – 5 pm, UMCG Onderwijscentrum lokaal 16 
14:05 hr: Anne Loohuis about her research on an urine incontinence application

14:35 hr: Luke Meyer about robotics in the UMCG

15:05 hr: break

15:25 hr: Lieke Poot about the implementational aspect of eHealth

15:55 hr: closing

16:00 hr: networking drinks until 17:00 hr



For more information, send an email to Dr. Esther Metting